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You can oversee your cash payments and collections from a single point. Various payment services can enable you to pay your business partners and initiate cash flow orders: Bank transfers to single third parties, bank transfers to many third parties,  and other bank transfers. We can give you the opportunity to create bank transfer models and to safeguard bank transactions so as to reuse them subsequently and produce regular date orders and hence manage the confidentiality level of your orders  so as to enable you restrict access to some specific payments (salaries…).

In order to know the state of execution of all your orders at any given moment, you just need to glance and verify the state of orders to be signed, to be counter- signed, outstanding, annulled or forwarded to the bank within the last thirty (30) days .You can get the detail of an order, modify it if it is not yet signed and follow the actions of the various users on an order or sign it if you are empowered to do so.