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You can oversee your cash payments and collections from a single point. Various payment services can enable you to pay your business partners and initiate cash flow orders: Bank transfers to single third parties, bank transfers to many third parties, and other bank transfers. We can give you the opportunity to create bank transfer models and to safeguard bank transactions so as to reuse them subsequently and produce regular date orders and hence manage the confidentiality level of your orders so as to enable you restrict access to some specific payments (salaries…).

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Many bank statements will enable you to properly manage your account: Account balance record for (90) ninety days, value balance statement for (90) ninety days, search for transactions according to the various criteria, intraday statements received during the day ...This medium gives you the possibility to receive on-line all alerts on the transactions taking place in your account such as cash payments, cheque remittances etc .You can from this medium send various messages to SG Cameroun.


A proper management of delegation of signatures granted within your company can enable you to define the various signature profiles you wish. For each user and each type of order subscribed in the subscription, you must indicate: if he has an entry right and if so, his entry limit is defined, if he has the right to sign orders, and if so, his signature limit must be specified, as well as his ability to sign an order alone or together with other users .You can also define colleges of signatures and specify the associations of colleges authorized to jointly sign as well as their signature limit.